Eroticall I

Graphic Arts

Artworks examples presented in 2009, in Montréal (Canada).

Each photo comes from a series able to prove its authenticity. The photos presented here are in low resolution in order to avoid any copyright abuse.

Photography and graphic art

There are three type of printings retained by the artist:
- Acrylic direct printing
- Dibond printing
- Printing on paper (satin, among others)

All the photos exhibited by Diego Piccini da Todi are classified into two categories. The raw shots which have only undergone basic grooming, no specific retouching and mixed studies (graphic art) which are the subject of much more detailed artwork (fusion of photos, drawings and illustrations).

Please note that these photos are visual arts registered artworks, and have been the subject of several exhibitions.

Eroticall, 2009 - 2021

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Graphic Arts

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